Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goals for 2009

  • I have made a few goals for myself to accomplish this new year....
  • *I would love to lose some pounds. I am tired of looking the way I do. I have my kitchen stocked with veggies and fruit.
  • * I want to continue to declutter and organize my home. I have made some headway, but I still have a couple of rooms to go. I have made a plan to follow to keep the house clean and clutter free...hopefully using just a few minutes a day.
  • * I want to spend more time in my craft room. I love to create layouts and cards...I need to take more time for that football season is over, I hope to have more spare time in the evenings.
  • * I want to learn to make wire wrapped jewelry. I just love it. My sister and I are going to get together every few weeks to make a pair of earrings together.
  • * I want to learn to use my Canon xti better. I always seem to use the automatic setting. I want to learn to use the manuel modes. I bought a book to read and study to teach myself. I do not have the time to take a class, so Iwill be reading and taking more photos to practice.
  • *Last, but not least...I want to post on my blog more often.
  • Happy New Year!

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Diane said...

Wow - we have many similar goals! Here's hoping we can both keep up with them.